Yuede Ji

Dr. Yuede Ji is an Assistant Professor from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of North Texas. He directs the Graph Lab, which focuses on graph-centric security, learning, and computing. We work at the intersections of High-Performance Computing (HPC), Security, Graph AI, and Graph Algorithms. The goal of our research is to build effective and scalable system solutions to protect the security and privacy of critical software and HPC infrastructures. Our research work has frequently appeared at prestigious security and HPC venues, including SC, HPDC, USENIX Security, ISSTA, EuroS&P, RAID, and AsiaCCS. Our research has won the best paper award at NPC 2014, and the best poster award at SMCDC 2023. My research has been supported by multiple grants from National Science Foundation (NSF), and Google.

Dr. Yuede Ji received a Ph.D. degree from the George Washington University in 2021 working with Dr. Howie Huang. He received M.S. and B.E. from Jilin University in 2015 and 2012, respectively.


Dr. Ji is looking for fully funded self-motivated Ph.D. students to work on various cool projects in cybersecurity, high-performance computing, and graph AI. If you are interested, please drop me an email with your CV. According to CS ranking, UNT is ranked 41st among all the US Universities in the discipline of HPC (as of Dec. 2023).


[Mar. 2024] : We have been issued a U.S. Patent titled “Binary Code Similarity Detection System”.

[Feb. 2024] : Our paper on computing Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) on GPUs is accepted to ACM TOPC. Congrats to the team!

[Jan. 2024] : Our paper on smart home IoT system security collaborating with Dr. Xiaojiang Du has been accepted to ICC 2024. Congrats to the team!

[Jan. 2024] : Welcome four new Ph.D. students, Joseph Caldwell, Shanchao Li, Paul Phillips, and Yang Cheng.

[Dec. 2023] : Our paper on protecting workers’ location privacy via Geo-obfuscation is accepted to EDBT '24. Congrats to Dr. Qiu and Sourabh!

[Sep. 2023] : Welcome Dr. Xing Gao from University of Delaware to give us a talk and visit our lab!

[Sep. 2023] : Our paper on graph-based binary code similarity detection, HermesSim, is accepted to USENIX Security '24. Congrats to Haojie and other collaborators!

[Aug. 2023] : Our proposal on Efficient Graph Neural Network is funded by NSF SHF Core (Small) Program (total: $600k, my role: lead PI). Thanks NSF!

[Aug. 2023] : Our challenge paper on understanding nationwide power outage and restoration is accepted to the SMC Data Challenge '23. Congrats to Yasmeen, Isabelle, and our collaborators! We won the Best Poster Award!

[Aug. 2023] : Our challenge paper on visualizing HPC power and thermal dynamics is accepted to the SMC Data Challenge '23. Congrats to Joe and our collaborators!

[Aug. 2023] : Dr. Ji is invited to serve as an Associate Editor of IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society (OJ-COMS).

[Aug. 2023] : Welcome Haiyan Sun to join our lab as a Ph.D. student.

[Jul. 2023] : Our proposal on Container Security in HPC is funded by NSF CICI program (total: $600k, my role: PI). Thanks NSF!

[Jun. 2023] : Our lab’s Ph.D. student Wang Feng’s first paper is accepted to SC '23! Congrats to Wang and our collaborators! → Congrats to Wang for winning IEEE TCHPC Travel Award ($1,325)!

[Jun. 2023] : Our Tango paper is accepted to SC '23! Congrats to Shiyang and our collaborators!

[May. 2023] : Congrats to Lillian and Avik (TAMS students) for starting their undergraduate studies at MIT and UT Austin, respectively! Best wishes!

[Apr. 2023] : Our paper on malware detection with graph AI technique is accepted to ISSTA '23. Congrats to Jiancong and our collaborators!

[Feb. 2023] : Dr. Ji is invited to serve as PC for HPDC '23, Information Security Conference (ISC '23), Doctoral Showcase Poster at SC '23, Learning on Graphs Conference (LoG) '23, and Machine Learning with Graphs in HPC Environments (MLG-HPCE) '23.

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